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Adult Protective Services (APS)

For 110 years, FCS has been serving the needs of vulnerable people throughout Monmouth County. For many of our nearly 8,000 clients, just getting basic necessities can be a challenge. And when a major crisis occurs, that challenge can become overwhelming.

FCS is often the last hope for people in crisis. But we do not do it alone. We depend on the generous support of people like you who care about their neighbors in need. Your gift to FCS can make a big difference in someone’s life.

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Support for Family & Children’s Service is provided by the United Way, individual contributions, bequests, program fees, and foundation, corporate and government grants. Family & Children’s Service is accredited by Commission on Accreditation for Home Care (CAHC).

Annual Appeal

Dear Friends:

Since 1909, FCS has served an untold number of individuals and families who have come to us for help. While the help we provide encompasses the modest – assisting with an application or finding answers to a few questions – to the complex – involving multiple community partners and government agencies – we tackle every call for help with persistence, compassion, a vision to strengthening, protecting and preserving the dignity and independence of people in need.

Serving the Vulnerable of Our Community

JOE is 64-years-old and suffers from short-term memory loss. While he now has someone to look after his welfare, that was not always the case. For nearly a year, Joe’s son was regularly withdrawing money from his bank account. Yet Joe was behind in his bills and was in danger of being evicted from his home. His son could not explain why. When an APS (Adult Protective Services) social worker investigated, she found that Joe was being financially exploited by his son and money that was intended for Joe’s own needs was being taken from him. APS investigates reports of suspected abuse, neglect and/or exploitation of vulnerable adults. Because Joe could no longer look after himself or manage his own bills, APS took steps that led to the appointment of a guardian. Now Joe is well cared for, his bills paid, and he remains healthy and safe in his own home.

MIKE, who is diabetic and was finishing cancer treatments, was down to his last couple of days of medications. Because of a clerical error, Mike was inadvertently enrolled in Medicare. This meant that he was immediately dis-enrolled from Medicaid which had been paying for his costly but critically needed medical care and prescription drugs. When Medicare noticed the mistake, they also terminated his coverage, leaving him with no coverage at all and no access to the nearly two dozen medications he needed to survive. In desperation, and when repeated calls to Medicaid didn’t fix the error, Mike’s wife called SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program) at FCS for help. SHIP provides specially-trained counselors to help Medicare beneficiaries navigate the complex Medicare system. A SHIP counselor was able to quickly rectify the problem and get Mike re-enrolled so he could get the life-saving medications he needed just in the nick of time.

MARIE is a recipient of the FCS Statewide Respite Care Program. At age 34, Marie sustained a brain injury that resulted in total dependence on others for all her needs. Her parents, who are both in their 70s, took over Marie’s care and quickly depleted their retirement savings, converting their home and their van to make them handicap accessible, and paying for an RN to come in daily to assist with Marie’s care. Marie cannot be left alone and often two people are required to assist her. Marie’s parents have two other children and 10 grandchildren who live out-of-state. They have not visited their family since Marie came to live with them five years ago. With assistance from the Statewide Respite Care Program, FCS placed a Certified Home Health Aide with Marie in their home so they could take a trip to see their family for a short time, giving them peace of mind that their daughter was well cared for while they were away.

Joe, Mike and Marie and their families are just a few of the over 9,000 people FCS helps each year. During this season of giving, we ask you to please consider making a gift to FCS to help those who are in most need in our community and sustain the mission-driven work our social workers, nurses, home health and supportive care aides, support staff and volunteers do every day, all year long. No matter the size of your gift, please know we are grateful for your kindness and generosity, especially during this holiday season when the needs of others are foremost in our minds.

We wish you a very happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season.

Deborah G. Zilai
Chair, FCS Board of Directors

Delly Beekman

Charitable Bequest

What is a Charitable Bequest?

A bequest is a distribution from your estate. Things to know:

  • Tax laws grant an unlimited estate tax deduction, so you may be able to significantly reduce your taxable estate when you make a charitable bequest.
  • A bequest made through your will is a creative way to make a thoughtful gift.
  • Bequests may be made through a gift of cash, marketable securities, closely held stock, or real estate.
Charitable Bequest

How to Make a Charitable Bequest:

  • Include Family & Children’s Service in your will or testamentary trust, or add a codicil to an existing will or trust.
  • Indicate whether the gift is for an existing dollar amount, a percentage of the estate or a residue of the estate after all the other beneficiaries have been taken care of.
  • Specify where you’d like your gift to go: Either to the General Operating budget, where there is the most need, or to a specific program you really believe in.
  • Consult with your attorney or financial advisor before making provisions in your will or adding a codicil to your will for a charitable gift.
For further information, please contact Family & Children's Service, at (732) 222-9111 or

Stocks and Securities

Stocks and Securities

By making a gift of appreciated stock, you are able to give a valuable gift to Family & Children’s Service and without incurring capital gains taxes. Things to know when making a gift of appreciated assets:

  • You must have owned them for at least one year and a day.
  • These gifts are deductible up to 30% of adjusted gross income in the year of the gift.
  • Any unused deduction amounts may be deducted over as many as five subsequent tax years.

Please note that it is usually to your advantage to donate appreciated stock, rather than sell it and give the charity the proceeds. Please check with your financial advisor for more information.

Financial Information

Family & Children’s Service is committed to share all financial information about our organization quickly and openly with our donors, grantors and the public.

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