Celebrating our Home Health Aides

“Our Home Health Aides are our ambassadors in the community. They are in the field,  leading us in our Mission to provide compassionate care and helping us pursue our Vision to protect and preserve the dignity and independence of people in need.” – Delly Beekman, FCS CEO

IMG_0006Compassion. Empathy. Professionalism. Kindness. These were just a few of the adjectives used to describe six very special people who were recognized this month for their outstanding work on behalf of FCS (Family & Children’s Service) and their patients. Certified Home Health Aides Pierre Cambry, Velvet Taylor, Mary Edwards, Joyce Ross-Gunter, Gloria B. and Supportive Care Aide Jean Fields were named Aide of the Month in appreciation for all they do to meet the needs of individuals in their care.

“All of you possess a characteristic that cannot be taught in the classroom,” FCS Director of Nursing Kathleen Vourlos told the aides during the semi-annual recognition ceremony. “That is the ability to change people’s lives for the better through your very kind hearts and your very skilled hands. We might not say this enough, but we truly thank you.”

For nearly 60 years, FCS has been providing home care for seniors and individuals with mental, developmental and physical disabilities. The agency currently serves over 160 clients throughout Monmouth County, a majority of who qualify for some type of assistance. Working with a care plan developed by a supervising nurse, our Home Health Aides help with a range of activities, including bathing and dressing, medication reminders, ambulation and mobility assistance.  They can also shop for and prepare client meals, help with laundry and perform light housekeeping.

“Providing companionship and caring for home-bound clients can be very satisfying work, but it can also be difficult,” Ms. Vourlos observes. “These six caring individuals have enormous capacity for this type of work and deserve our special recognition.”

PierrePierre Cambry, Aide of the Month, January 2016

Pierre Cambry has been an FCS Home Health Aide for more than three years. The father of six has a soft-spoken, amiable nature that makes him a favorite among his patients. “Pierre always has a smile on his face for his patients,” his supervising nurse says. “He is one of the most pleasant people I have had the opportunity to work with.” Pierre, who is a native of Haiti, credits patience and love for his ability to care for people. “My patients need to be fed, and bathed and dressed, just like they are children, and so I love them like they are my own children.”


Jean FieldsJean Fields, Aide of the Month, February 2016

Jean is a Supportive Care Aide who will be taking our free training in July to become a CHHA. A single mother of four, Jean appreciates the flexiblity the job offers her, but never lets that get in the way of being there for her patients.  Her supervisor says “Jean brings a positive attitude to all those she cares for, so much so that her patients think of her as their best friend.” For Jean, her goal is to give her patients a better quality of life. “Many of them just want to sit and talk and have a cup of coffee,” Jean says “I tell them I am here to help you so you can stay in your home.”


VelvetVelvet Taylor, Aide of the Month, March 2016

Velvet Taylor loves her job as a Certified Home Health Aide. She’s been with FCS for a little over a year, but in that time her supervising nurse says she has “far exceeded what is expected of her with her patients, communicates very well and never complains about anything.” Velvet says she likes to work with people in need of companionship because “I am in need of the same thing.” Having recently lost the last of her six siblings to a genetic illness, Velvet says her patients are now her family. “Whatever you do in life, you have to care of your family. You can’t have success without that.”


Mary EdwardsMary Edwards, Aide of the Month, April 2016

Mary Edwards has been a CHHA for 14 years. Her supervising nurse has nothing but praise for her work. “Mary Edwards provides extraordinary care in a professional manner in often difficult situations in order to keep her patients safe and living at home, which is where they want to be.” The mother of two, Mary says she knows Home Care is not easy work, but she approaches it with patience. “You have to go in prepared for any storm. When I am alone, I wouldn’t want someone to leave me hungry or dirty. What if that was my mother? I try to show compassion and treat them as I would treat my family.”

Joyce Ross GunterJoyce Ross-Gunther, Aide of the Month, May 2016

Joyce Ross-Gunter has been a CHHA for nine years. The mother of three travels throughout Monmouth County to serve patients and truly loves the job.  “Joyce is very calm with her patients,” her supervising nurse says. “Her patients and families appreciate that.” Joyce, who grew up in Jamaica and took care of her home-bound grandmother, says she advises people considering a Home Care job to do so for the right reason. “You are not going to get rich doing this,” Joyce adds, “but you are going to get to help people. And that’s more important.”

Gloria B., Aide of the Month, June 2016

Gloria’s supervising nurse says in addition to being a compassionate, elegant professional, “Gloria is a fierce patient advocate and a champion for their rights to live with dignity.”

FCS Home Care Services is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Home Care, Inc., an organization that promotes the delivery of high-quality Home Care in communities throughout New Jersey.