Restoring Human Dignity with a simple Donation

Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference.

When members of the FCS Navarumsunk Auxiliary donated more than $700 last year to purchase adult diapers and pads for our Home Care clients in need, they had no idea the impact their donation would have on our client’s lives.

“When I first heard of the gift, I was overjoyed,” says FCS Director of Nursing Kathleen Vourlos. “That may seem like a strong reaction to receiving diapers, but when you think about the inability to toilet independently, you can understand why having enough diapers is so vital to those in need.”

Hiring Certified Home Health Aides and Supportive Care AidesOn average, adult diapers cost about $1 per diaper. Nearly 90% of FCS’ Home Care clients are on a limited income and qualify for income-based home care grant assistance funded by the Monmouth County Division on Aging. For these seniors, the additional expense can be a burden and lead them to make difficult choices. For example, Ms. Vourlos says some clients have been known to go without food and essential nutrition in order to purchase diapers. Others have held off eating and drinking for long periods of time in order to save their supply, resulting in infections and hospitalizations. Still others have resorted to washing and reusing the disposable diapers and pads.

“Without enough diapers, people remain isolated. They are afraid to attend senior centers or meet with friends and family, and they are often too embarrassed to discuss this with a healthcare provider,” Ms. Vourlos explained.

FCS Nursing Director Kathleen Vourlos speaks with members at a recent meeting of the Navarumsunk Auxiliary

At a recent meeting of the Auxiliary, Ms. Vourlos explained to members the true value of their donation. “Your generous gift has restored dignity to many clients, allowing them to deal with the challenges brought about by their declining and changing health. Thank you!”

The Auxiliary was so moved, the women voted to establish a “Dignity Fund” for the sole purpose of raising funds to purchase diapers for clients in need in the future. For more information, contact FCS Development Director Diane Gribbin at


  • Catherine Baldini

    I have a lot of L/XL pull up diapers to donate and bed pads. Do you have transpotation to pick up? I am located in Tinton Falls. 732 788 4821.

    1. Maureen Collins

      Hi Catherine,
      If the diapers and pads are in sealed packages we would be happy to take them. We are not permitted by law to accept loose items.

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